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Don’t get scammed by a locksmith.

Don’t get scammed by a locksmith.

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Fraudulent locksmith companies are an increasing issue in the United States as customers are being scammed with outrageously high bills from these scammer companies who pray on the vulnerable without blinking an eye. As the Better Business Bureau, (BBB) investigates the substantial claims that appear to double every year, there seems to be a pattern in which these locksmith companies operate. A low call-out fee is one of the warning signs associated with these companies and is always a surefire way of detecting a bogus business. Another red flag is locality. Numerous companies place ads in the yellow pages and internet where the unsuspecting client thinks this locksmith is just down the road. One of the biggest signals the locksmith company you called wasn’t reputable, is the vehicle they call over to you in is unmarked. Experts warn that if a locksmith you phoned appears in a vehicle without any business insignia whatsoever, then do not accept their services and contact another locksmith company. With a stellar reputation on review websites and repeat customers who pass on Joe Joe’s Lock n’ Key as a recommendation to all their family and business associates, it’s easy to see that Joe Joe’s has built a following as the number one Orange County Locksmith in recent years.


Most victims of scammer locksmiths are enticed by the low cost fee to fix the issue at hand. As previously mentioned, a huge warning sign that the locksmith company you just telephoned aren’t legitimate, us the low fee that is just a ruse to eventually scam you out of hundreds of dollars. Once the locksmith appears, they normally ask for payment upfront and demand cash as credit cards are fraud protected. The scammer locksmith will raise the prices substantially as they’ll claim inexperience and problematic tools hindering them from completing the job. It is important to note that experts such as the BBB, recommends you to dismiss the scammer and contact a reputable locksmith through the BBB’s website or through a lengthy internet search. Your safety and money are assets that are sacred and valuable so by selecting a reputable company such as Orange County locksmith; Joe Joe’s Lock n’ Key, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands.


Another methodology used by scammer locksmiths is fake business locations. Open up your local yellow pages or type in a internet search for a local locksmith and chances are you’ll encounter a website or listing from a fraudulent scammer. Normally, the business will post or advertise multiple fake addresses under business names used by legitimate locksmiths. If you contact one of these businesses, they’ll be aloof in response if you question their locality to your residence or place of distress. Their vague answers should be a major indication that you’ve just telephoned into a call center on the opposite side of the country and the person ultimately dispatched is involved in the scammer ring. Joe Joe’s Lock n’ Key has not only the credentials and expertise, but the reputation to back up his business as being reputable.


One of the key telltale signs you’ve contacted a fraudulent locksmith company, is the vehicle they arrive in is unmarked without any business information whatsoever. You should immediately question the legitimacy of the business and contact authorities. The BBB have encountered these three situations as the main warning signs in the business practices of scammer locksmiths. As unfortunate as these ruthless crimes are, more people are becoming aware of the situation and doing their research in finding a trustworthy locksmith who will charge fair prices and provide workmanship backed by a guarantee as all service professionals do. It goes without saying, that if something doesn’t appear right, follow your intuition and find a locksmith who upholds the integrity and honest of the trade. Contact Joe Joe’s Lock n’ Key today to be your auto, commercial or residential locksmith as his expertise and efficient service has catapulted him to be the quintessential Orange County locksmith that his clients rely on.

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