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Access Control

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Access Control is the ability to manage and control entrance access traffic to a specific area. Access control systems can use various credentials that can be assigned to individual users.

Access control is one of the most critical parts of any business security strategy. Traditional lock and key entry options lose their efficacy as the number of verified entrants increases. Ensuring access to only specific people, at specific times, keeps property—and more importantly, people— secure. Creating comprehensive access control systems is something every business should take into consideration. Joe Joe’s Lock and Key has over 10 years of experience helping businesses large and small revolutionize how they protect their property and staff. Let us work with you to build a system that fits your business.


Proximity Cards and Key Fobs:

croppedcard3optProximity cards have a computer programmed chip inside of them that is unique to the individual user, giving you the ability to track who enters the building and when. The proximity reader reads the card, sends it to the access control software and the software determines whether or not this card is authorized for the action it is requesting.

Entry Codes:

Unlike cards or fobs, entry codes are manually joe_commercial_3entered into a keypad by the user. These can be a cheaper alternative to proximity cards or fobs with many of the same benefits. If you take your company’s security seriously, or just want more transparency into who is accessing your facilities, access control is the perfect way to achieve both.