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Access control for your business.

Access control for your business.

Whether at home or at the office, controlling the access to these places is crucial and potentially life-saving. The limitless options and affordability in selecting an access control locking mechanism provides the added benefits to employees or consumers as entry into the home or office will be controlled and manipulated by you at all times. While a simple deadbolt can easily be a deterrent to any individual, having the upgraded access control lock will be twice the amount of security without the worry that your valuables aren’t safe enough. By contacting your Irvine locksmith, Joe Joe’s Lock n’ Key, you’ll be educated on the access control locks that will suit your lifestyle and business needs so you can make an informed decision without any pressure.


One of the reasons a consumer might invest in an access control lock at home is the knowledge that you are aware of who enters and leaves your home at any time. Having a family to care for and protect is the number one priority for any homeowner and by selecting this type of lock, you’ll feel comfortable knowing your family is safe. One of the options available with access control locks is mobile technology which, provided by Schlage, can ultimately give you a hand’s on approach in locking or unlocking your doors from the convenience of a mobile device. With an impressive array of features such as: manual programming, mechanical key override, two-year battery life, a toggle access feature and a cylindrical locking mechanism; to name of few. Joe Joe’s Lock n’ Key will happily install this lock and make sure you’re completely satisfied.


Just as important as your home, the office holds a similar sanctuary in keeping information and inventory safeguarded from getting into the wrong hands. Installing an access control lock at work gives the business owner the ability to have a detailed report of who entered the office. Having the knowledge of what time an employee entered the property or who might try to trespass into the office can all be accessed remotely and easily; keeping your life simple and stress free. Protection is vital and important therefore contacting Joe Joe’s Lock n‘ Key to install one of these locks is one of the best choices you could make. As a locksmith, Joe Joe’s Lock n’ Key has the ability to work with your budget and make a professional recommendation.


At the end of the day, access control locks are one of the best options for your home or business if you seek the option of maintaining 24/7 control over your valuables. While there are an abundant amount of locks and options currently available on the market, one can be guaranteed that access control locks will provide you the accessibility and peace of mind in one easy package. Access every time with the simplicity of a few key strokes, your life will be forever changed with these dependable locks. Contact Joe Joe’s Lock n’ Key today to get more information and pricing today!


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