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Schlage is the locksmith choice.

Schlage is the locksmith choice.

Schlage keyless entry handleset

Records estimate that the first lock to ever have been invented was in 2,000 B.C. made completely out of wood pins or tumblers that utilized gravity to drop into the bolt thereby securing the lock. Since then, locks have evolved from wood to metal with Bramah paving the way with revolutionary locks that incorporated a series of sliders in a circular pattern which, provided state-of-the-art security in the locksmith community. Residential and commercial locksmiths rejoiced at the innovation and advancement in locking technology. Two hundred years later, Bramah continues as the oldest locksmith company in the world and still manufactures its locks for purchase. It wasn’t until 1909, that Walter Schlage invented his first locking patent that was a door lock which, turned lights on or off. What followed since Schlage’s inception, were a series of innovative locking technologies that both commercial and residential locksmiths prefer over any other lock brand today. With their assortment of locks, rigorous testing standard and innovative design, Schlage has proven to be the quintessential choice for locksmiths; especially Joe Joe’s Lock n’ Key, your local and friendly Irvine locksmith.


The range of avaiable locking mechanisms offered are vast and tailored to not only your budget but, security requirements too. From electronic deadbolts, alarmed keyed entry locks, standard dead bolt locks, handle sets and home intelligence locks, Schlage has a lock your Orange County locksmith, Joe Joe’s Lock n’ Key, to install based on your current needs and lifestyle. Simply put, Schlage offers the perfect solution for your security needs. Joe Joe’s Lock n’ Key has the knowledge and capabilities to ensure whichever lock you prefer, he’ll make certain it’s installed and working without error.


Schlage have proven themselves by perpetuating their industry proven locks are one of the most reliable and trustworthy locks installed by locksmiths time and again. With their rigorous testing standards, it’s no wonder Schlage has the stellar reputation known globally by customers and locksmiths alike. Often compared to the endurance of an athlete, Schlage locks are not only tested during development, but also in BHMA certification tests and ORT’s in the factory. Additionally, residential locks are tested to produce 400,000 cycles for Grade 2 or 200,000 for Grade 3. By transcending the cheaper competition with high endurance cycles, it’s no surprise locksmiths; including your Irvine locksmith, Joe Joe’s Lock n’ Key, favors Schlage locks to any other brand on the market.


Lastly, the design of a Schlage lock leads in the manufacturing aspect of high quality and durability. Most customers report their satisfaction in how the design of the lock thwarted the efforts of would be criminals as it caused a delay in which the owners were able to ring the authorities. Citing style as a main consideration for choosing a Schlage lock, numerous clients were impressed with the undeniable style designs that were not only aesthetically pleasing, but current to modern home design trends. However, one of the most compelling reasons locksmiths and customers alike chose Schlage, was their ease and compatibility in removing and reinstalling their beloved Schlage lock without frustration. Due to the design, high quality materials and easy-to-read instructions, customers reported Schlage locks as one of the most user-friendly locks they’ve ever bought. As one can see, it’s easy to understand how Schlage has withstood the test of time by adhering to not only industry standards, but surpassing them with technologies that reputations are made of day in and out. Joe Joe’s Lock n’ Key is your number one Irvine locksmith that will treat you and your home with the care and respect while installing a Schlage lock that will protect your residential property for years to come.


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