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The Latest Access Control Advances Makes it Easier to Keep Your Home and Business Secure

The Latest Access Control Advances Makes it Easier to Keep Your Home and Business Secure

The topic of access control is one that is growing increasingly relevant as business owners and homeowners around the country seek opportunities for greater security. By installing this type of system, an Orange County locksmith can give you complete control over who has access to your home or office. Two types of access control systems are available today; electronic systems and physical systems. The most basic systems are physical access control systems, which involve the use of a lock. Electronic access control systems typically integrate network security. More and more often, Irvine locksmiths are now receiving requests for physical access control systems combined with electronic systems. The most common types of applications include doors that can be unlocked with swipe cards, through biometric measures, or through the use of a special keyfob.

Among these options, the card access control system is easily the most commonly used choice. This is the same type of key card used in most hotels today. The card features a magnetic stripe that is swiped through a reader located on the door. One of the benefits of this type of system is that access can be provided on a temporary basis and then revoked as needed. Facilities such as labs that require high security also often used this type of card control system. It is not uncommon for the cards to also serve as personnel identification.

Depending on the needs of a facility or organization, it may also be necessary for certain individuals in the organization to be able to access all locks within the facility. This is where a master key system can prove to be highly beneficial. Often used in educational facilities, such as schools, a master key system allows for a group of locks to be custom coded so that while each lock in the system utilizes a different key, a special combination is added, allowing one key to open each of the locks in the system.

While these types of access control systems are typically used in the commercial sector, an increasing number of homeowners are now inquiring about advanced security measures for their homes. As technology has advanced, so have the options available for securing private homes.

Whether you are in need of a residential or a commercial lock system, it is important to seek out an experienced locksmith in your local area. Ideally, it is always a good idea to seek out a professional who offers mobile locksmith services in the event of an emergency.


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