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Keyless entry for residential and commercial

Keyless entry for residential and commercial

The future is here!


Schlage Keyless Door Locks are one of the most innovative security locking systems in the modern age. With the ease of a four digit key code, any individual can easily remember and access entry into their home without having a set of cumbersome keys to deal with especially if you have separate door locks in your home. Why settle for keyless entry? Perhaps these points below will give you a better insight and how your Irvine locksmith and easily rekey your home for the added benefits of no nonsense security right at your fingertips; literally.


One of the most obvious advantages of keyless entry is the fact you won’t have to carry your house keys everywhere you go. With crime rates at an all-time high, it’s imperative people secure themselves with a security measure; such as keyless entry, to safeguard their home and belongings away from prying hands. Not having to worry about where your keys are is one less distraction and worry from your busy lifestyle. Fidgeting around for your keys at night will be a thing of the past as the ease of entering your code will ensure access the first time, every time.


With the Schlage keyless entry door lock, your Irvine locksmith can demonstrate how people living in your home can have access without having to worry about your children or visiting relatives being locked out while you’re not at home. Having piece of mind knowing that your loved ones don’t have to rely on a key or worse yet, losing it is another benefit of the keyless door lock. Visiting relatives can temporarily be assigned a code while they stay with you and immediately have it deleted with the push of a few buttons.


An additional attribute to a keyless security door lock is the endless possibilities in installing it on any door whether it’s the garage, side, or any exterior doors. Imagine how wonderful it will feel to be able to run back into your home with quickness and speed, by accessing the inside from all entry points that lead into your house. Forgot to turn off your light in your garage before your vacation? No problem, with the keyless entry system, there’s no need to fumble for your keys when you can go through your side door and promptly take care of that light.


One of the key components, and no pun intended, is the user-friendly nature of the Schlage keyless lock. With a battery life of over 3 years and not having to program the lock itself, you’ll be up and running after Joe Joe’s Lock and Key installs this security lock in your home. Joe Joe’s will have the job completed the first time without delay. Once it’s installed, you can turn the lock feature and leave without a key.


Simple, fast and efficient, this Schlage lock has the ability to keep your family and home belongings safe with the longstanding reliability of a Schlage lock. Contact Joe Joe’s Lock and Key today and receive that added security today for the piece of mind you deserve.


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