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How Smart are the Latest Smart Locks?

How Smart are the Latest Smart Locks?

As the world has grown more social with the introduction of social media sites, so have other forms of technology. At the same time, mobile technology has also significantly changed the way in which we conduct our everyday affairs. The latest introductions to locksmith technology from your locksmith now make it possible for you to exercise access control to your property from your smartphone.

Known as smart locks, the new generation of locks is set to completely revolutionize the way that access is granted to homes and office buildings throughout Orange County. Based on the ability to retrofit a current single-cylinder deadbolt, smart locks provide you with the ability to send virtual keys to anyone whom you desire to grant access to your property. In this regard, the smart lock can prove to be beneficial for those instances when you need to grant one-time or other temporary access to your property. The smart lock also negates the need to exchange physical keys, an issue that could result in security threats.

Through smart locks, it is possible for property owners to specify the exact duration that the virtual keys will be active before they expire. In addition, property owners are able to disable virtual keys at any time at which they desire. The entire process is handled through the use of a mobile app and a specialized lock device. Even when a smart lock in Irvine is in use, it is still possible to use physical keys to manually operate the lock.

Obviously, one of the most obvious concerns with this type of lock is what happens when a phone that contains a virtual key is lost or stolen. It should be understood that in the event that this happens, it is usually necessary to log into the smart lock provider and remove the access that has been authorized for the lost or stolen device.

Another important factor that should be taken into consideration regarding smart locks is whether the technology behind it is safe. Currently, smart locks typically use the same type of communications technology that is utilized by most financial institutions. The purpose of this is to ensure that only those individuals whom you have invited will have access to your property. It should be taken into consideration; however, that just as financial institutions have proven to be vulnerable to hacking, it is always possible that a smart lock could become a target, as well.


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