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How Smart are the Latest Smart Locks?

As the world has grown more social with the introduction of social media sites, so have other forms of technology. At the same time, mobile technology has also significantly changed the way in which we conduct our everyday affairs. The latest introductions to locksmith technology from your locksmith now make it possible for you to…
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The Latest Access Control Advances Makes it Easier to Keep Your Home and Business Secure

The topic of access control is one that is growing increasingly relevant as business owners and homeowners around the country seek opportunities for greater security. By installing this type of system, an Orange County locksmith can give you complete control over who has access to your home or office. Two types of access control systems…
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New Keyless System Offers Convenience for Homeowners and Small Businesses

New Keyless System Offers Convenience for Homeowners and Small Businesses   Small business owners and homeowners who are searching for advanced access control systems will find that the E-PRO Touch Electronic Lever Lock could be an ideal solution for their needs. Designed to allow you to lock and unlock your door without the need for…
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Orange County’s Locksmith

As an Orange County locksmith, Joe Joe’s Lock & Key has been setting the precedent as the most trustworthy, punctual and professional locksmith to ever operate in Southern California. With his owner-operated mobile service, Joe Joe’s happily services the metropolitan area dubbed, “The Orange Curtain.” Being a ten year veteran of the locksmith trade, Joe…
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The friendly locksmith

A quality locksmith who adheres to the highest standards of professionalism, knowledge and expertise is not easy to find in a pinch as the only resources available are unreliable review websites or the more antiquated yellow pages. As a commercial property owner, it can be a daunting task to source a trustworthy commercial locksmith. Joe…
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Schlage is the locksmith choice.

Records estimate that the first lock to ever have been invented was in 2,000 B.C. made completely out of wood pins or tumblers that utilized gravity to drop into the bolt thereby securing the lock. Since then, locks have evolved from wood to metal with Bramah paving the way with revolutionary locks that incorporated a…
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Don’t get scammed by a locksmith.

  Fraudulent locksmith companies are an increasing issue in the United States as customers are being scammed with outrageously high bills from these scammer companies who pray on the vulnerable without blinking an eye. As the Better Business Bureau, (BBB) investigates the substantial claims that appear to double every year, there seems to be a…
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Access control for your business.

Whether at home or at the office, controlling the access to these places is crucial and potentially life-saving. The limitless options and affordability in selecting an access control locking mechanism provides the added benefits to employees or consumers as entry into the home or office will be controlled and manipulated by you at all times.…
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Better locks is better security.

More often than not, you’ve moved into an office space filled with imagination and possibility as you embark on a new business venture in the real world. The excitement is palpable as you are handed a set of keys, however, therein lies a major issue; keys that have the potential to be also in the…
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