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Better locks is better security.

Better locks is better security.

More often than not, you’ve moved into an office space filled with imagination and possibility as you embark on a new business venture in the real world. The excitement is palpable as you are handed a set of keys, however, therein lies a major issue; keys that have the potential to be also in the hands of a former tenant or employee. The benefits outweigh the costs associated with upgrading your new office as safety and financial risks are bound to arise if you neglect this key component. While many people would argue that the likelihood of a former tenant or employee helping themselves to your office equipment is slim-to-none, one must argue that safety and security are necessary for a prosperous start to your new beginnings.


One of the most common faults with commercial property locks is the hardware. With a few kicks, an intruder can easily force their way into the office and steal valuable office equipment or private information. In this day of rising identity theft incidents, one could only be too careless in securing vital information from would-be assailants. Are you aware of how old the hardware is on your office locks? Maybe it’s one of those components you’ve never thought about since the stress of starting a new business can be taxing. As one can imagine, landlords would have an incredible expense to constantly change and upgrade their locks and are often overlooked in terms of maintenance. Taking the initiative and contacting Joe Joe’s Lock n’ Key to upgrade your locks will benefit not only the durability of your old hardware, but the confidential information and office inventory too. You can rest assured Joe Joe’s will recommend a quality and secure locking system that will be professionally installed and throughly demonstrated depending on the locks you buy.


Another reason one might consider changing their locks is because the keys you were just handed might also be in the hands of a former tenant or employee and that liability is too substantial to ignore. Leaving your office vulnerable and basically an open market for former occupiers, it’s not difficult to find that upgrading your locks is essential so that you don’t encounter any unwanted visitors after hours. Are you aware of the number of times your keys have changed hands? Was the previous tenant kicked out unexpectedly? Did the landlord mention losing a set of keys? Consider the potential risk and contact your Irvine locksmith; Joe Joe’s Lock n’ Key, and have him upgrade your office with rekeying and upgrading your locks.


One of the valuable aspects of upgrading your office is the wide range of available locks that suit your requirements as a new tenant. The possibilities are endless as Schlage offers numerous lock options that range from deadbolts to keyless entry systems. The upgraded security locks and professional installation from Joe Joe’s Lock n’ Key will have you up and running in no time so you don’t have to dedicate more time away from your business. Combining his expertise and skill in the locksmithing industry, Joe Joe’s Lock n’ Key has become the number one locksmith in Irvine, CA that has assisted his customers to their complete satisfaction with many repeat callbacks for added security detail to their homes and offices. Take the time and give your new business that extra benefit of security today. LiNK_Deadbolt_Entry


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